Oh last week it was the G-Men who put a dent in the Patriot myth and this week it's the Beloved Jets who will take down Tommy and Billy and the team now known as the New England Reputations. that's right all the Pats have left is their past and their reputation because as I was the 1st to see and now others are coming around to the truth these Patriots are an average Football team.NO MORE. NO LESS. I gotta laugh how fans can't get over that this previous dynasty is now no better then the Bengels,49ers and gasp the Bills. That's right Patriot fan this is for you. You are an 8-8 type team with an aging QB and a coach who has lost his genius tag. Bill Bellicheck has spent 3 drafts on 25 defensive players and his D is so leaky that the Titanic rejected it. The Offense is pedestrian at best. No running threat,no deep threat,a pourous offensive line and a QB who has lost his midas touch. Bellicheck looks like he rediscovered his  Cleveland Browns days-LOST. How can the great Bellicheck not use up the clock last week against the Giants? a disaster that led to the  latest loss

Now the Pats get the surging Jets and a fan base that's ready to make life awful for Brady Bunch. The Jets are just now hitting their stride posting 2 straight W's over decent and good teams in Buffalo and San Diego. I don't even think this game will be close. So sure am I that I have 2 wagers- Dinner a nice big fat steak dinner with my boy Mike Golic and some Chowder with a listener. In fact I am sooooo sure that I am spotting 21 points. That's right 3 TD's..Final score Sunday   The Big Airplane In the sky 33 -the Reputations 6 !!!!