Detroit Pistons rookie Brandon Knight tried to save a loose ball from going out of bounds on Monday night.  Knight jumped over his bench and got doused in Gatorade.

Who doesn't love watching a basketball player take an unintentional Gatorade bath?  It's always a good time.  Brandon Knight showed good hustle on Monday evening against the Washington Wizards.  He tried to save the ball from going out of bounds, but got absolutely drenched in Gatorade instead. 

Seriously, the entire tray of Gatorade cups landed right on top of him.  How unlucky is that?  Typically, good hustle is rewarded.  This is one of the instances where that theory doesn't apply.  However, the Detroit Pistons edged the Wizards 79-77 thanks to a game-winning shot by Rodney Stuckey.

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