Someone better inform Ryan Braun that there is a big difference between technicality and the truth. Seems the Brewers MVP is struggling with the difference.

Braun held a press conference yesterday and proclaimed how happy he was that he was found innocent of doing steroids. Excuse me Ryan? Come again?

Braun got off on a technicality not on the test! Because the protocol for delivering the urine sample seems to have been botched Braun claims he was glad to be found innocent of cheating the game by doing steroids. No, I am serious- this is what he is crowing about.

If you heard this scenario you might think you were watching some cheesy B-grade flick, but no- this is a seven billion dollar baseball industry. The collectors of the sample, because he thought the FedEx office was closed took the sample to his home and stored it for 2 days before getting it to the FedEx office for shipment to the lab in Canada. Yes- the independent testing lab is in another country!

The collector kept the urine sample in a climate-cooled area and the seals on the sample were never broken. In fact Braun, in his appeal of the 50 game suspension, never argued about whether the sample was clean or dirty but on the procedure of the sample to the lab. Yet now Braun is crowing how he was exonerated! Talk about denial!

Now I have stated that I don't think Braun was cheating, but rather using a medication to fight an ailment. Braun even addressed a possible STD at this bizzarre presser, saying it wasn't true. Hmmmmm. Braun is now addressing  what he called "internet" rumors. Really, Ryan? This tells me there is something more to it. Why address an internet rumor?  You know how many rumors exist in cyber space on any public figure.

It could also be argued since this was a test right before the playoffs started, perhaps Braun was looking for a power boost as a long season got longer for the playoff bound Brewers.

I still believe it was for a medical issue that is just as humiliating as a positive steroid test- if not more so. The original test found Braun's testosterone level to be 3x the normal count for a guy his age. Synthetic steroid it should be noted which means it came from another source.

Yet now emboldened by a screw up, Braun is crowing how  he is innocent. There is a big gap between technicality and innocence Ryan. To me, the press conference really got absurd when Braun claimed if he had taken a substance either knowingly or unknowingly he would have reported it himself. What? Really? NO WAY. Regardless of whether it was cheating or a medical condition, there's no chance he would report himself. Would Braun walk into a police station and tell them he was speeding on a highway? No WAY!

Braun even claimed he was clean on every test he had ever taken. So what does that mean? Previous history means bubkas. "No, officer, I didn't punch that woman- I've never done that before" is your defense? You know how many people do something wrong or illegal for a first time?!

Very weak defense in my opinion, Ryan- and it galls me you are claiming you're innocent when nothing of the kind was found. You didn't even argue guilt or innocence in your appeal but rather you argued procedure, a smart tactic but not in any way to be misconstrued with guilt or innocence!

It will be very interesting to see how this thing procedes from here. If Braun's numbers go down he will be accused even though he lost his lineup protection Prince Fielder to free agency. If his numbers go up the rumors will persist. No chance Braun will clear his name in the court of public opinion. It will be very interesting to see how the media handles this going forward. My guess is Braun will soon cut off all questions and declare he isn't speaking about it anymore until he does an interview with let's say ESPN Sunday night conversation where he will declare this will be the last time he speaks on it again.

Braun claims he will clear his name to the public. No he won't!  He can't!  He got off thanks to a logistical screwup, not a clean test. So my advice, Ryan Braun, is to put a sock in it and be thankful that a urine sample collector didn't find an open FedEx office on that Saturday night!