Where to start with this Ryan Braun Reversal. If you missed it the Brewers Left fielder and the reigning NL MVP today had his appeal over turned and his pending suspension lifted. Braun won his case based on the testing system not the test!

Braun will hold a press conference on Friday. He released a statement after the verdict and as you might guess he declares his innocence when in fact his innocence is very much up in the air. Braun argued basically that the delivery of the sample might have been tainted after the collector of the sample thought the fed ex office would be closed  as it was at night on a Saturday and figured it was closed on Sunday. he took the sample home and kept it in a cool spot and thus followed the playbook. Experts claimed this is how the sample should be stored and it wouldn't harm the sample.

Remember this mumbo jumbo when Braun crows at his presser that he was innocent and how he reveres the game and loves  his fans and thanks those for believing in him. Yawn!

The bottom line is Braun in no way  proved his innocence. It should be noted that after disputing the original test he asked for and passed a 2nd test. However the 1st test was off the charts.

It is possible Braun took something that contained synthetic testosterone to combat another medical condition as rumors have stated. However the bottom line is this. he tested positive for an elevated level of Sythentic testosterone and the botched delivery system in no way proves Braun is innocent of anything. he becomes the 1st player to ever have a drug suspension reversed on appeal. Expect others to step up and claim the same flim flam story Braun spun in his defense.