What a shameful night for Baseball Saturday turned into. NL MVP Ryan Braun accepted his award Saturday night in Downtown Manhatten despite a positive drug teast for Steroids. In fact it has been said that Braun's steroid tests revealed he had more of the illegal substance in his body then any player tested before.

Yet to the chagrin of myself and many other baseball fans the writers who are in charge of nominating for these awards did not see fit to revoke the MVP and give it instead to Matt Kemp of the Dodgers who finished 2nd in voting. Braun said nothing about his failed test. All we get is this blabber about due process and letting his defense work it's way through the process and blah blah blah.

Braun in accepting his award said "sometimes in life we have to accept challenges we never expected to endure". He added this quote " We have an opportunity to look at these challenges and view them as either obstacles or as opportunities and I have  chosen to view every challenge I have ever faced as an opportunity and this will be no different. What Ryan? What are you babbling about?

Now this clap trap might sound fine to some but this is all puffery to me. He has not answered why he tested for such high levels of illegal steroids. He has not answered if there were a medical condition that had him taking some meds that caused this failed PED test. He has answered nothing. He sounded like a typical politician fummferring for some explanation while not answering the charges. This is what has become acceptable for Americans. Blabber about something irrelevant in answering a question.

 Hey Ryan I don't care about your challenges. I don't care about your fake bravado. I don't give rat's tail. I only care about if you cheated and if so why? that's it. I don't give a crap about your challenges and how you "bravely" over come them. This might sound fine talking to a bunch of suggered up 12 year olds but this isn't that forum. Baseball fans that care about the game and want it played clean don't want to hear about how you will face this failed test or some other things. We care about that failed drug test and the apparent shame of you cheating.

If there is a good reason why the junk was found in your drug tests we care about that, otherwise give back the award, take your medicine and be known as the cheat you seem to be for the remainder of your career.

I am not happy writing this. I like(d) Braun a lot. Plays hard. Successful. Seemed like he had respect for the game and it's fans but now have to rethink that. Ryan WHY WERE THE DRUGS IN YOUR SYSTEM! Period. THE END. Not about your challenges and how you will face them and blah blah blah. Did you cheat the game and it's fans and why. Very simple Ryan Braun. Now end the blather and give us the answers.

Shame on the Baseball writers for giving him this award even after the results came out. Listening to some of these writers  like Buster Olney make me want to hurl. Like this gem from Olney "should we take away the Brewers NL Central title if he tested positive". What Buster? We are talking about 1 player and his failed tests not the entire Brewers ballclub. What kind of answer is that?

Puffery folks thats all we are getting as of right now from the writers and the "supposed" MVP and frankly I am sick of it!