In recent years, MLB players have missed time due to injuries sustained while reaching for socks, high-fiving, toweling off, sneezing, playing guitar hero, tanning, and in the case off Geoff Blum - my personal favorite - putting on a shirt.

Professional baseball players, are not hockey players.  No one is.  Hockey players are a different breed.

The latest exhibit? Brayden Schenn.

During a game Tuesday night, the Flyers' face-off man took a skate to the stomach - THE STOMACH! - and, rather than immediately demanding an ambulance ride to the ER, stayed in the game.

...Then netted the sudden-death winner in overtime, lifting his Broad Street Bullies to a 3-2  victory over the Devils.

MLB player gets aggressive with a video game guitar solo and needs some time to recuperate, NHL player gets a blade to the abdomen, stays in the game, and then wins it.

I wonder how Geoff Blum would have played after pulling that muscle putting on his shirt.