I can sense I giant, "THANK YOU", from most of the country.  There are plenty of football fans who have wanted Favre to go far, far away for a long time.

It was a long illustrious career for Brett Favre with a horrible ending.  Included on Favre's impressive resume is a Super Bowl victory, three MVPs, the most wins of all time, and a slew of passing records.

The ending was anything but good.  Favre threw eight more interceptions than touchdowns in 2010.  He finished with a lower passer rating than Alex Smith.  Favre's consecutive starting streak ended during the season.  Plus, he had that little Jenn Sterger text-gate mishap.

There haven't been many other athletes as decorated as Favre that so many people wanted to see go away.  Far away.  He wore people out with his offseason waffling.  He stuck around too long.  He was a shell of himself. 

After witnessing how Favre's 2010 season unfolded, walking away after throwing an interception to Tracy Porter in the NFC Championship Game against the Saints, would have been a good decision.