The Denver Broncos lost to the Oakland Raiders on Monday Night Football 23-20.  Kyle Orton didn't play very well.  The fans chanted for Tim Tebow.  The players, including Brandon Lloyd, don't care for it.

Kyle Orton completed 24-of-46 passes for 304 yards against the Raiders on Monday night.  He threw a touchdown pass, an interception, and had a costly fumble.  Orton was only able to complete 52.2% of his passes.  He did not play well and the fans let him know about it.  The home crowd in Denver was heard early and often chanting for Tim Tebow.

Wide receiver Brandon Lloyd is one of the players who is not on board with the thought of replacing Kyle Orton.  "I think it's all B.S.," Lloyd said in a phone interview Tuesday afternoon.  "I think everybody is just waiting for an opportunity to move (Orton) out and play anybody other than him."

"We knew it was going to be this kind of environment surrounding (Orton) and whatever is going on," said Lloyd.  "If (Orton) wins we're all geniuses. If we lose, put in someone else.  It's not new in sports.  So this tactic that the media is taking is not new."

To make one thing clear, this is not a media-generated story.  It's not like the media coverage caused Broncos fans to chant for Tim Tebow.  They did it on their own.  The media is covering a unique story, not generating one.