If you don’t believe that the economy is extra bad in Cleveland, just ask Phil the Browns fan (he’s the one walking around smelling like a piss-face).

For a crisp clean $450 dollars my man Phil went head-first into a huge bucket of urine, during a Cleveland Browns tailgate. Discusting? Yes. Respectable? Absolutely. As a man who once took a face full of military grade pepper spray for just $50, I’ve got to say that I’m impressed by Phil’s ability to use his shamelessness into financial gain. He is truly an inspiration.

I think the bigger question is: who the hell travels with that much pee in a bucket? I mean, honestly, this was either disturbingly pre-meditated or someone in Phil’s bro circle just happened to have a jug of warm urine in the back of his F-150 that he’d been holding onto “just in case.” Only in Cleveland… And probably most of Alabama and Mississippi too.