Every once in a while, somebody from the on-air staff on "The Team" is highly critiqued for their wardrobe selections. And lately, more often than not, the target of that criticism has been "Game On" host Bruce Jacobs. So why should today be any different at all?

I don't know if he is trying to pay tribute to the late Robin Gibb, former frontman of The Bee Gees, but here is the look Bruce is fashioning today:

Did somebody get to him about John Travolta's recently-discovered "lifestyle" choices? Did he lose a bet with his producer Pierce Brix? Did he recently adopt a color-blind dog and let it pick out his shirt for today? Was he watching too many old-school WCW wrestling tapes last night, and suddenly became inspired by Disco Inferno? If I wanted to help fashion mogul Giorgio Armani celebrate his 78th birthday today, I would not show him this picture of Bruce Jacobs!

If you are a fashion designer or just a member of the concerned public who would like to help Bruce Jacobs get a clue about fashion, please feel free to call the Hippo's Hotline from 3-7pm during "Game On with Bruce Jacobs" today: (518) 476-1045. Thank you, and God Bless America!