104.5 The Team, ESPN Radio's Bruce Jacobs will appear on the FOX 23 news this evening at 10pm & 11pm.  Meagan Farley stopped by the studio this afternoon to film Bruce for a reason other than his good looks and disco shirts.

Meagan Farley and the FOX 23 crew stopped by the 104.5 The Team studios this afternoon to do a story on the aftermath of the Penn State scandal.  FOX 23 will air a piece this evening at 10pm & 11pm about the local reaction to the sanctions that Penn State was hit with today.

Penn State was hit with heavy sanctions this morning by NCAA president Mark Emmert.  For failing to alert authorities that Jerry Sandusky had sexually abused children, Penn State received a $60 million fine, a 4-year football postseason ban, and the reduction of 10 initial and 20 total scholarships each year for a four-year period.

Penn State is also forced to vacate all wins from 1998-2011 due to Joe Paterno's knowledge and lack of action.  Paterno’s career record will now reflect the vacated wins.  He has 298 career wins instead of a record 409 wins.

Check out our own Bruce Jacobs (host of "Game On" weekdays from 3-7pm ET) on the news tonight.  His piece will air at 10pm & 11pm on FOX 23.  No, Bruce did not wear a disco shirt to work today.  Thankfully, he looked halfway presentable.  We lucked out.

UPDATE: Here is the link to Fox 23's piece regarding Penn State, the video on the left is the actual piece from the newscast that features Bruce.

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