The Capital Region is known for its quirks such as a State Capital with no dome (the only one of its kind in the nation) and the UFO-looking-thing we call The Egg.

But one of my biggest beefs in this area is Joe Bruno Stadium.

Quite frankly, this stadium needs to be renamed.

Back in 2002, when this minor league baseball stadium opened - it was the crown jewel of our area.  The Tri-City Valley Cats have called it home for years and it's a great place to watch a baseball game.


But don't you get a case of the Hebee-Jeebees when you see the Bruno Stadium sign?

"The Joe" is named after former New York State Senate majority leader Joe Bruno - who secured the $14 million needed to construct the stadium.

But those were the good old days.

Back in January of 2009, Bruno was indicted on eight counts of corruption, including mail and wire fraud. The indictment basically accuses Bruno of defrauding New Yorkers from 1993 to 2006.

Call me crazy, but a stadium shouldn't be named after a convicted felon!  It just doesn’t sound good for our area to have our minor league baseball team playing in a stadium named after a guy that ended up being a dirty politician.


It’s kind of embarrassing!

He got busted for abusing his power and misappropriating tax funds – which is essentially taking advantage of taxpayers - the taxpayers that paid for the stadium.

Would you get your marital advice from OJ Simpson?  Would you shop at the Jeffrey Dahmer grocery store?  Would you get a goldfish from the Michael Vick pet store?

These guys were all convicted felons – do you see how silly this sounds?

Sell the sponsorship to the stadium – to one of those new chip fab plants, for instance.  Make some money on the deal.


I know there’s someone more worthy with Capital Region ties.  Call it "Uncle Sam" Stadium, "It stays 15 degrees until April" Stadium.  Perhaps "Jimmer Fredette" Stadium.  "From November to March, all we have is skiing and going to the Mall" Stadium.

When will they finally change the name?  Can I start a petition?