No one should be surprised by the latest hateful race based attack by B Gumbel. This fella has a history of seeing  virtually everything down the lines of race,be it sports,politics,culture doesn't matter. To me the funny thing and not haha funny is this guy in my opinion is the one with race issues. Gumbel cries about the racial makeup of the  Winter Olympic team just as an example.

I actually feel bad for Gumbel and those like him. I am guesstimating that 5-10% of Americans see EVERYTHING down the lines of race before we see anything else. People like Gumbel, Al Sharpton, and David Duke are part of the problem. I personally am not even a fan of NBA commish David Stern and have ripped him a number of times but to suggest he is a racist is disgusting. Here is a suggestion for you B Gumbel- Take some lessons on class from your brother Greg.