With the trade deadline coming up this Thursday, July 31st, will the New York Yankees make a trade for a pitcher?

“Yes, I believe they will,” said Buster Olney (4:53 mark), with Armen and Levack. “I think they’ll find somebody.”

When asked who might be options for the Pin Stripes, Olney’s list turned into a list of who isn’t going to end up in Pinstripes.

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Bartolo Colon, Mets: “There’s always been a fear among teams as he’s had this late career success that they didn’t want to be the team that had him when he turned into a pumpkin. At some point he was going to have the year when he went from being good to terrible because of his condition and age. The Yankees took a look at him and dismissed the idea of bringing him back.”

David Price, Rays: “We thought he was going to be traded but unless the Rays collapse over the next five days, I don’t think they’re going to trade him.”

Jorge De La Rosa, Rockies: “I think a name like he might be a possibility but I think the Rockies are going to ask a lot for him.”

Jon Lester, Red Sox: “I think there’s a chance that Jon Lester of the Red Sox is going to be talked about if the Red Sox collapse two or three more games in the standings before the deadline but the Yankees aren’t going to get involved in that. If Lester gets traded, he’s probably going to go to a National League team.”

Buster, the cupboard looks bare!

“I wish I could give you some great names but I don’t think there are that many.

“Brian has a history of this when you get close to the deadline of being the guy sitting there saying, ‘I’ll take your extras!’ I think they’ll probably do something like that this year too.

“I think they’ll take advantage of the depth that you see among right handed relievers right now being discussed. It may not be a big name. It might not be a great name but I think they’ll get somebody.”

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