You would think that the winds of Canada's long, hard winters would erode their weakness.  That year after year the realities of their landscape and climate would chip away their fragilities - leaving a strong, resolute people.  You'd think they're as strong as the maple tree whose leaf adorns their flag.

You would think wrong, apparently.

Because in the wake of the Olympic ice dancing competition - won by the U.S.'s Meryl Davis and Charlie White - Canadians have revealed the opposite.  They've revealed that their will, like those iconic leaves in fall's final days, is frail and brittle, and easily crushed beneath our boot.

Indeed, rather than take their silver medal like adults, Canada has cried fix - claiming that Russian and American judges conspired against the great white North and unjustly denied them gold.

Never mind that the Americans skated better.  Never mind that Davis and White had dominated the Canadians in recent competitions and were expected to win gold. Never mind that the U.S.'s performances have been heralded by experts.

On his show earlier this week, Canadian radio host Sid Seixeiro threw a temper tantrum claiming fix.  Because it's so much easier to cry fix than accept that you were beaten fair and square.  Today, America (me) responds.