In probably one of the stranger endings to an NHL playoff game, the Vancouver Canucks defeat the San Jose Sharks Tuesday night in a 3-2 double overtime victory.

Why was this particular win so odd? You won't believe what happened.

With just over 10 minutes gone by in the second overtime, Vancouver's Alexander Edler took the puck from the point, then attempted to shoot the puck around the net to the other side of the boards. Well that shot bounced right off of one of the stanchions that holds together the pieces of glass along the boards. The puck then bounced directly to Kevin Bieksa who immediately riffled the puck down the slot and right by San Jose's goaltender Antti Niemi.

For a game that has a lot of passing, shooting, and puck movement across the ice, it's amazing how a strange bounce can lead to such an important goal. For Vancouver that bounce sent them into the Stanley Cup finals and for the San Jose Sharks, they were unfortunately, well, we'll just say they were bounced out of the playoffs.

Roberto Luongo, the gold medal winning goaltender for Vancouver was HUGE again with numerous huge saves for his club. In any NHL playoff series, it's all about your goaltender and the Canucks have arguably one of the best in the game on their team.

The Canucks will face either the Bruins or the Lightening in the Stanley Cup finals. Those two teams play game 6 of their series Wednesday night with the Bruins leading that series three games to two.