Fill out the form below to enter our Carhartt NFL Mock Draft contest.  The first round of the 2012 NFL Draft is on Thursday, April 26th.  The person who has the most accurate NFL Mock Draft will win a prize package from Carhartt including a $250 gift card.  Fill out your mock draft for the first round below.  Don't worry about teams, just enter the players that you think will be drafted in the first round.

Below is the point system:


We'll use Andrew Luck as the example of how the point system works because he will be the #1 overall pick.

100 points - You nailed the pick exactly  (Example: Andrew Luck #1)

50 points - Your prediction was just one space off  (Example: Andrew Luck #2)

20 points - Your prediction was two spaces off  (Example: Andrew Luck #3)

10 points - Your prediction was three spaces off  (Example: Andrew Luck #4)


Whoever accumulates the most points will win the prize package from Carhartt and 104.5 The Team.  The name of the game is getting the most picks right on the nose.  The more predictions that you nail completely accurately, the more you'll be able to rack up 100 points en route to the highest score.  Good luck!