Without Carmelo Anthony the Knicks are struggling and Anthony himself is worried about the team lacking confidence.

On Saturday night the Knicks were rolled by the Oklahoma City Thunder 104-92.  They are missing Carmelo Anthony and now Melo himself says that he is very worried about his team.  According to ESPN New York Anthony says that he thinks the team is playing without confidence right now.

We're not playing with a high level of confidence right now. I think we need to get back to that and get back to having fun.

Right now the Knicks are at 6-6.  Carmelo Anthony is questionable for Monday night against Orlando and that could be trouble.  Not only are they missing out on Anthony but the teams other go to power Amare Stoudemire is struggling.  Right now Stoudemire is shooting just 41%, down nearly 10% from last year.

The Knicks are also putting stock in veteran point guard Baron Davis being able to practice this week.  Davis is recovering from an injury, but they hope to fully have him ready to go later this month.