A little trash talking or perhaps just trash will cause the Knicks to go it without Carmelo Anthony when they play the Pacers in Indiana Thursday.

Anthony got into a heated duel with the Celtics Kevin Garnett on Monday night. The Celts won the game and the battle. Melo decided that KG's trash talk was over the line. Reports claim the Garnett said to Carmelo " Your wife tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios.'

Anthony didn't take kindly to whatever was said and he went after KG after the game, even waiting for him by the Celts team bus. Celtics coach Doc Rivers said on his radio segment in Boston on Thursday that Garnett did not in fact say that about Melo's wife and that trash talk about family is over the line. The question though is how would Rivers know? he has no way of knowing unless he heard what was said and he isn't saying.

The NBA stepped into the matter on Wednesday suspending Anthony for tonights game at Indiana.