Yankees general manager Brian Cashman says that Jose Reyes isn't even the best player in the Subway Series.

Brian Cashman has an interesting perspective about Mets superstar Jose Reyes.  "I don't know if he's the best player.  He's the most electric and is having the best year, but you've got to look at consistency.  Robinson Cano is the best player on the field."

"It's amazing how athletic [Reyes] is," Cashman said.  "But Cano's probably the premier player at his position in baseball, and he's done it consistently now for two or three years."

Cashman has his Yankee colored glasses on, but he makes an interesting point.  If you look beyond this season, you can make a case for Robinson Cano.  Jose Reyes only played in 36 games during an injury-plagued 2009 season.  Reyes hit .282 in 133 games last season.

Cano is outstanding defensively and he's extremely durable.  Cano hit .320 in 2009 while playing 161 games.  Last season, Cano hit .319 in 160 games.  However, Cano only has 26 stolen bases in his entire career.  Reyes has stolen 30 bases in the first 79 games this season.

The most interesting comment Cashman made was when he was asked whom he would take with the first three picks in an open draft of Mets and Yankees position players.  Cashman said he'd take Cano first, Reyes second, and then Alex Rodriguez.  You can't argue with Reyes' production this year.  If Jose Reyes is healthy, he's got to be the first choice.  That's a big "if", however.