Bruce’s Thought Of The Day

Penn State Under Fire From All Angles-Bruce’s Thought Of The Day
The outpouring of concern for the victims of Jerry Sandusky has been compassionate and real. The ideas how to deal with Penn State and the shameful coverup are numerous and many onerous.
Grambling University has asked for all of coach Joe Patermos to be vacated, thus returning their late coach Eddie …
Huge NHL Developments Including Labor Talks
Ok before I get to the sickening in my opinion and insulting in my opinion offer from the owners to the players in the labor negotiations some huge news on the free agent front!
The Philadelphia Flyers it seems didn't get the memo from clown commish Gary Bettman...
A Trade The Mets Should Make-Bruce’s Thought Of The Day
The 2 things that have hurt the Mets the most are the bullpen which is brutal and the defense, which is probably not going to get better this year. So what would I do if I were the Metropolitans-Go hard after Justin Upton if indeed the Diamondbacks are foolish enough to want to deal the budding star…
Goodell Strikes Again-Bruce’s Thought Of The Day
Well the NFL commish broke his streak-at 1. Yes I wrote 1 article where I had something nice to say about the dictator of the NFL Roger Goodell. But can't make it 2 straight.
The phony that is Goodell, the man who likes to bill himself as the fan's commisioner has turned right around and st…
College Football Is Forever Worse-Bruce’s Thought Of The Day
I know people will be screaming at me. I realize I am in the minority. I also know I am right. The game of College Football is forever changed for the worse. The last-best regular season that meant anything will be no more. Instead College Football which had a 12-14 week playoff will now be about 2-…
Are the New York Mets Too Soft?
I know as a Met fan I should be thrilled about the teams record-For the record I am. But something that has bothered me for a long time, since the wonderful teams of the 80's really has reared it's ugly head again I am afraid-SOFTNESS!!!!!

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