Bruce’s Thought Of The Day

Mickelson Whines, Lies and Quits- Bruce’s Thought Of The Day
Ok upfront-I am a huuuuge Phil Mickelson fan. I am a Phil apologist. But lefty are you serious?
Part of the reason I love Phil, and there are many parts is his integrity and the way he embraces fans. I also love that while many have this country club stuffy image Phil strikes me as an every man...
The Cup Is Won-Bruce’s Thought Of The day
Yes I know it's the best 4 of 7 but turn out the lights on the NJ Devils. Losing 4-0 to the LA Kings on Monday sealed the fate and the Devils. This series is over be it Wednesday night or Friday night. The end is not in doubt. The Champion is known...
Thank You Johan! Bruce’s Thought Of The Day
I could end the post right here and I have said it all. However no chance would I leave it that simple.
As a lifetime Met fan watching a Met totally whitewash an opponent is nice. Real nice. To do it against a long time foe makes it that much sweeter...

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