Bruce’s Thought Of The Day

2 Mega Delays. 1 Wasted Loss For The Yankees
Who is doing the weather forecasting these days for the New York Yankees?
For some reason the Yankees-Redsox Game Sunday night, in front of a national TV audience  with a great pitchers duel on tap turned into a fiasco of epic proportions...
Column on WNBA Another Example Of Poor Sports Journalism
This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who follows these things. Shoddy journalism with a purpose also known as activist journalism. It happens a lot. Today, I am the target of such lame journalism.
Back 16 months ago I made a dumb joke about two WNBA teams, one that was only funny to a fourth g…
Is The Subway Series A Bad Deal For The Yankees?
Let's be honest Met fans the subway series is all for us and nothing fun for the Yankees.
The Mets are the red headed step child in New York. Has been that way most of my life and might be the way the rest of it. The Yanks own New York...
Can The Rangers Survive For A Game 5- Bruce’s Thought Of The Day
I will probably live to regret this piece later on but putting my superstition aside the numbers say the Rangers have a good chance to keep their season alive and get out of Boston Saturday with a win.
The Rangers, if nothing else, and there is plenty of reasons, have proven resilient in win or go ho…

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