Top Ten Holes-In-One Of All Time [VIDEO]
One of the hardest things, if not the hardest thing, to do in sports is to hit a hole in one in golf. Striking a small golf ball well over a hundred yards into a small hole with a golf club is an amazing accomplishment, one that even professional golfers are surprised about pulling off.
In advance of…
Who Has A Better Chance In The PGA, Tiger or Phil [POLL]
Tiger Woods hasn't won a major in his last 17 tries but owns 14.  Phil Mickelson has won two majors since that time, including this year's British Open.  Woods is #1. Lefty is #2.  Who has a better chance at winning the PGA Championship at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester,…
PGA Championship Preview
In one of the most wide-open PGA Championships of all-time, the golf world sets its eyes on Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, New York, one of the true tests in golf.  Here is a preview of the fourth major in 2013.
Has Tiger Woods Become The New “Mr May?”
To borrow an old expression from George M. Steinbrenner, the now deceased owner of the New York Yankees, when he said of Dave Winfield's superb regular season and lackluster post season, calling him "Mr May," has Tiger Woods picked up that mantra and become Golf's Mr May.…
Tiger Conquers Firestone, Again
Tiger Woods knows Firestone better than any course in the country.  He proved it with his seven stroke, -15 under par overall mark in capturing the Bridgestone Invitational at Firestone.
Do You Like Phil Mickelson [POLL]
It was recently brought up by "Nailz" in Albany on my show that Phil Mickelson is phony and that his peers don't like him either.  Do you like the 2013 British Open champ and five-time major winner?  Vote here:
Phil Mickelson Wins 2013 British Open
The British Open can change in an absolute heartbeat.  The reason is usually because of the weather.  It is awfully difficult to take over a British Open based on a flurry of birdies at the end because of that weather which is always unpredictable, the competition and the quirky nature of …
2013 British Open Preview
Fast.  Firm.  Windy.  Wet.  Challenging.  Quirky.  Fescue.  Frustrating.  All of these words are fitting to describe a British Open, no matter the place the great Open Championship is played at.  This year, the site is Muirfield Village.  Here is an …
Will Tiger Woods Win A Major This Year [POLL]
Tiger Woods has two more cracks at major #15 in 2013, The Open Championship at Murfield and Oak Hill's PGA Championship in Rochester.  Can Woods close the gap on Jack Nicklaus with one more major win this year?  Vote here:

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