Should The PGA Ban The Belly Putter?
There is a hotly contested debate going on right now within the golf world on the controversial belly putter and does it afford a player a competitive advantage. For my money I say it does. Why young golfers like the Adam Scott's and Webb Simpson's need or use a belly putter is beyond me..…
Ernie Els Wins The Open Championship
Adam Scott had an epic collapse on the final day of the Open Championship. That allowed Ernie Els to come from behind, and take the Open Championship for the second time in his career.
Guilderlands Bob Royak Qualifies For Senior US Open
When I was a little younger I had hoped to someday do what Bob Royak has done. 2 things stopped me- me and me. Well we all have dreams. For Guilderlands Bob Royak he has a chance to knock down a dream as he qualified for the senior U.S. Open that takes place this weekend  in Michigan...
Final Round Of The Green Briar Classic Is A Whose Who Of Who
Forget Tiger and Phil. How about just Jim and Bubba. I bet the folks at CBS are thrilled with Webb Simpson vs Alan Duke. I meant Tim  Duke. Or is it Joe Duke. No it's Ken Duke. Golf fans all over the country anxiously await Ken Duke. But wait there are more who is that guy seriously compet…

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