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Mike Tyson Performs Ode To LeBron On Jimmy Kimmel Show [VIDEO]
There is a popular misconception in this great nation of ours that if you put Mike Tyson in something, it becomes funny. Just ask the writers of The Hangover 3 (Is that Mike Tyson?... In a dress?!?!). However, when Jimmy Kimmel had Tyson on his program to sing an ode to LeBron, it was comedic gold.
Stanley Cup Update: Taylor Stevens Will Attend Game 6
The New Jersey Devils have had a very tough time getting any publicity during their Stanley Cup playoff run, because, quite frankly, they're from New Jersey. However, when there is breaking news, we at 104.5 The Team refuse to ignore it, no matter how irrelevant a franchise may be. Especially w…
Photo Caption Contest – Week June 4, 2012
It's time once again to rack your brain and come up with a great caption for this weeks photo.  Every Monday we give someone a shot at doing their best to give us a funny caption for a ridiculous photo from the world of sports.  The winning caption will get featured on…
Photo Caption Contest – Week May 28, 2012
In honor of the San Antonio Spurs making it one step closer to the NBA Finals, here is a great shot of Stephen Jackson.  So what is he so excited about?  You decide in the weeks caption contest.  The winner will be the featured headline on Friday.  Happy captioning!
Another Hilarious Little League Ump Call [VIDEO]
Zany little league umpires are so hot right now. Just a few days after a short video of a overly enthusiastic umpire went viral, another over-the-top strike call has surfaced.
Is it stupid? Yes. Is it news? Absolutely not. But it definitely is funny...
Photo Caption Contest – Week May 21, 2012
It is that time again.  What time?  Time for you to do your best to come up with a winning caption for this weeks photo caption contest.  Let your imagination run wild and let us know what this guy is doing (if you can figure it out).  The winning caption gets featured on the web…
eSports — 5 Things You Need to Know

eSports isn't the nerdy pass time it used to be. With viewership growing exponentially, competitive gaming is breaking into the pop culture scene. Now is as good a time as any to hop on the band wagon and give eSports a chance!

Kyrie Irving And Pepsi’s Sick New Commercial [VIDEO]
Every sports fan has wondered, at some point or another, how they would fair against a pro athlete in a pick up game. Some are realistic and want to know just how badly they’d get schooled, some throw out absurd lines like “I can throw a better football than Tim Tebow&CloseCurl…

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