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Giants Release New Super Bowl Ring App
Not too long ago, Giants running back Andre Brown became an internet sensation when he proudly sang “I got a ring, he got one t00!” after the Giants Super Bowl championship. Well, now thanks to the New York Giants new GoldRun phone app, all Giants fans can join in the cel…
Willie Whiner Tries To Sell His Devil Tickets On Game On [AUDIO]
Earlier today, Willie Whiner made his debut appearance on Game On with Bruce Jacobs. Willie joined the program to call 855-DEV-ARMY, a phone line set up for Devils fans who want to sell their tickets. The New Jersey Devils are so worried about Rangers fans buying all their tickets that they&CloseCur…
Photo Caption Contest – Week May 14th
Do you think you have what it takes to caption this photo better than anyone else?  Leave your possibly award winning caption below.  Make sure to check back on the site on Friday to see if you have taken the honors this week.
Eli Manning’s Funny SNL Promo
Now that this draft mumbo-jumbo is out of the way, the NFL can focus on its biggest day of the offseason. I am, of course referring to Eli Manning’s comedic debut as host of Saturday Night Live.
Girl Debuts Hilarious Song About Metta World Peace
YouTube, professional sports and dumb chicks have made for some glorious moments over these past few months. In the midst of “Linsanity” we were treated to a Florida State sorority girl asking Jeremy Lin to her formal because she, amongst other things, “loves black guys.” We also had the brilliant y…

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