Goofing Around

8th Grader Nails 63 Yard Field Goal [VIDEO]
Bruce Jacobs, host of Game On, hates kickers. It's been repeatedly stated and well documented that he has absolutely no respect for the art and craftsmanship behind field goal kicking. In Bruce’s not so humble opinion, an NFL kicker should make anything inside of 43 yards 9.9 out of 10 times or he s…
Tyrann Mathieu & Weed: The Odd Couple
As you've probably already heard, Tyrann Mathieu was arrested for possession of stinky green yesterday, yet another bizarre twist in what has been a sad and cloudy year for The Honey Badger.
The A-Rod Bet Controversy: To Pay or Not to Pay
Bruce and I made a friendly lunch bet before last night’s Yankees game, where I bet him that A-Rod would get at least 2 hits. A-Rod obviously sucked miserably, but that’s beside the point. In the 9th inning, as everyone now knows, Mr. Rod was pinch hit for by the miraculous Raul Ibanez, who went yar…

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