Goofing Around

Should Giants Fans Ban Cady [POLL]
Brian Cady is a known traitor. It’s been established. As the New York Giants were marching through the postseason Cady, a jealous and bitter Cowboys fan, decided he needed a change.
Which NCAA Football Conference is Strongest? [POLL]
Tonight, when South Carolina takes on Vanderbilt it will officially be the kickoff of the 2012 NCAA football season. With all the shifting of teams within conferences over the off season, the landscape of college football has completely been turned on its head...
Which Fake Steroid Name Is The Best? [POLL]
In light of Melky Cabrera's recent snafu, where he allegedly paid someone to design a fake website with a fake supplement that he claimed led to his positive test, we here at 104.5 The Team got to thinking: if we were to try and make up a fake supplement to fool Bud Selig, what would we call it…

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