Goofing Around

Which Fake Steroid Name Is The Best? [POLL]
In light of Melky Cabrera's recent snafu, where he allegedly paid someone to design a fake website with a fake supplement that he claimed led to his positive test, we here at 104.5 The Team got to thinking: if we were to try and make up a fake supplement to fool Bud Selig, what would we call it…
Have Another! Researchers Say Booze Helps Creativity at Work
For time eternal, musicians, writers and artists have had a special relationship with booze. Alcoholism does have a genetic component, but new research indicates something else may be responsible for the drunken antics of your favorite rock stars: knocking back a few makes people more creative.
Toughest Opponent In “Mike Tyson’s Punchout”
Earlier today on "The Noe Show," we played the theme music from the video game "Mike Tyson's Punchout" and Brian Noe got all gushy with memories from his childhood. With his momentary flashback came this question - who was the toughest opponent in the video g…
Game On with Bruce Jacobs Promotional Video
Our friends at West Field Media Services did a bang up job putting together a promotional video for the station and our hosts - mainly Bruce. Even if this wasn't about us we'd still say it looks awesome. Check out Brian Noe, Brian Cady, and Pierce in action 'behind the scenes' in…

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