Lavar Vs Lonzo On Lip Sync Battle [VIDEO]
For the last week Goz and I have been speaking about the latest episode of Lip Sync Battle fearturing a batlle between Lavar and Lonzo Ball. It gets funny fast as Lavar instantly say that's no son of mine and the Lonzo let's Lavar know he needs to "Humble himself."
It Is Time To “Trust The Process” And Tank For The Knicks
Three of the most hated words in sports for me in recent history have been "Trust the Process" but after last night I'm all in! The Knicks were only trailing 31 - 30 to the Greek Freak and the Milwaukee Bucks and then poof the season was completely over. Kristaps "The Unicorn&quo…
Should New York State Approve Gambling on the NBA?
Since he took over as commissioner of the NBA, Adam Silver has tried to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to sports gambling. Other professional leagues like the NFL seem determined to keep its collective head buried in the sand, not willing to acknowledge the world of betting that exists around…

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