Jets Should Take a Look at Potential Future
It's time for the Jets to change quarterbacks, and it's not because Josh McCown has done a bad job. McCown has actually done a great job but with a 3-5 record it's time to think about the future, and the future is not McCown.
Was This The Best NFL Trade Deadline EVER? [AUDIO]
The words "Trade Deadline" in sports other than the NFL normally mean hold on to your hat it's about to get crazy. In the MLB players that could set the table for your favorite team to make run in the postseason will change hands. In the NBA some players get traded multiple times in …
Death Wish’s John Bennett Hits High Score AGAIN! [AUDIO]
Every week we open the airwaves to whomever has the highest score in the Death Wish Coffee Fantasy Football League. The sad truth is John has won every single week so far...well a John has won every single week so far. John Swedish has won five times and John Bennett has now won three times.

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