The Man Who Started the Dalton Foundation Frenzy
Kevin Forrest has been a Bills fan for as long as he can remember. He isn't from Buffalo or even New York state. In fact, he lives in Nebraska where he is surrounded by Chiefs fans for the most part, but the playoff drought affected Kevin as much as anyone living in Orchard Park.
Derek Carr On Gruden’s QB Camp [VIDEO]
Jon Gruden always seems to want to coach the QB's he features on his camp but this time it's really happened. Derek Carr and Jon Gruden look like a match made in heaven to me and hopefully they click the way Gruden and then journeyman QB Rich Gannon did. This could be the beginning of some…
Are You Ready For The Rob Gronkowski Comedy Special? [VIDEO]
Is there anything New England Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski can't do? He's one of if not the best offensive Tight Ends in all of the NFL, hosted party cruises, sells fitness equipment with his family and has made cameos in the WWE to name a few of his talents. Now he's hosting com…

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