NY Jets

Kelvin Beachum On Training Camp Scuffles [AUDIO]
The New York Jets are in an interesting situation this season. Ask any fan and they're not sure what they want to see. Do you hope for wins and respectability or do you hope for losses and a high draft pick? There is no question for Left Tackle Kelvin Beachum, Beach wants to win.
Jets’ Safety Rontez Miles On The Jets Surprising Defense [AUDIO]
During the Levack and Goz NFL Training Camp tour we were lucky enough to interview a lot of NFL players and coaches. This is the second season we've spoke to Jets Safety Rontez Miles. Miles is a hard hitting no nonsense Safety that has become a leader and teacher in the Jets Secondary.
McCown Now, Hackenberg Soon for Jets
If the Jets decide on starting Josh McCown at quarterback, he has to be on a short leash. He is the Jets most experienced quarterback on a team that will be among the youngest in the NFL, but he’s also 18-42 as a starter. Maybe McCown guides the Jets to a couple of early season wins …
NY Jets 2017 Schedule
The Jets start the year against the Bills and end the year against the Patriots. Only one game in prime time this year and most of the games will be over early in the day. Lots of opening evenings for Jets fans this year.

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