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Is This The Coolest Thing A-Rod Has Ever Done? [VIDEO]
I have a long standing and very public issue with Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez. That being said I think this is a pretty cool. A Rod is sitting at what appears to be a gym where a woman tells him he looks like...well himself. The way A Rod plays off this interaction is pretty funny and dare I say we…
Former Yankees’ Pitcher Charged With Child Sexual Abuse
Former Major League Baseball Pitcher John Wetteland has been arrested and charged with Sexual Abuse of a Child under the age of 14. These charges are being made public through Police records. ESPN.com has posted an article with the details of the situation.
10 Things You Should Never Say To A Yankees Fan
Recently I've found myself in more and more conversation about my beloved New York Yankees. It's clear that even though some have felt the great rivalry between the Yankees and the evil Boston Red Sox would never be great again, it is in fact back with a vengeance. SO I decided to document…

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