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Buster Olney Thinks The Yankees Are In Trouble [AUDIO]
There have been many ups and downs since then but the Yankees are still on top of the Wild Card and after a big win last night they are four and a half back in the AL East. So we ask Buster Olney just a day after the Indians swept the Yankees "Do they still have a chance?"
Rest for Judge; the Right Call
Rest for Judge; the Right Call

Manager Joe Girardi did the right thing sitting Aaron Judge for a couple of games. Judge is clearly not right, and moving him from the three spot to number four was Girardi’s first move to get him right
Don’t Worry About Aaron Judge – Casey Stern [AUDIO]
Casey Stern covers the MLB for TBS during the playoffs. We had him on Levack and Goz to discuss the post season potential of the New York Yankees. He also weighs in on the importance of Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge's record setting strike outs.
Yankees Fan’s Mood Changes FAST! [VIDEO]
Sneak peak to tonights reaction. #Chapman vs devers 2 strikes 1 out.. the stadium as electric as its been all year until....#yankees #RedSox pic.twitter.com/DEy83luDNN
— Joezmcfly (@JoezMcfLy) August 14, 2017
We've all been here. You start celebrating a little too early...

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