UAlbany’s Claxton into Semis in 400m Hurdles
Congratulations to UAlbany's Grace Claxton, who advanced to the semifinals of the 400m hurdles last night in Rio. Claxton, representing Puerto Rico, will compete tonight in those semifinals.
Claxton finished third in her heat to advance.
Tim Reynolds Live From Rio (Audio)
With so many negative story lines leading up to the Olympic games in Rio De Janeiro this summer, it's hard to seperate what is true and what has been overblown.
Phelps Wins 25th Medal, 21st Gold
With two more wins in the Tuesday night swimming program, Michael Phelps continued his dominance over the Olympic field.
He has 25 total medals, which is seven more than the next closest competitor all-time. He has 21 gold medals, which is 12 more than the next closest competitor and he has…
Bob Costas Tells Story of Meeting Howard Cosell
Bob Costas is regarded as one of the greatest sports broadcasters of all time. Costas has hosted coverage of the World Series, NBA Finals, Kentucky Derby and has won more Emmy awards than any other sports host in history. The 2016 Olympics marks the 11th games Costas has anchored in his illustrious …
USA Today’s Christine Brennan Joins Levack And Wolf From Rio [AUDIO]
USA Today's Christine Brennan is one of the most respected journalists in sports today and she is live in Rio for the Olympics. Christine lets us know how the security, amenities and all around safety is for the Olympics. She also is covering the opening ceremonies and has broke big news about …
Talking Team USA, Knicks and More (AUDIO)
The Olympics kicked off officially on Wednesday with the U.S. Women's Soccer team topping New Zealand, 2-0.
The Opening Ceremonies are on Friday which really signifies the beginning of the Games, and one of the most anticipated events for the United States is men's basketball...
Phelps to Carry Flag For U.S. at Olympics
One of the best parts of the Olympics is the opening ceremonies. For most athletes who won't medal, for most countries that won't enter the podium at all, it's the thrill of a lifetime, to parade into the Olympic Stadium and wear the colors of your home nation...
Bogut Gives Glimpse into Rio
We already know that the Rio Olympics are going to have problems. Problems with the water, problems with the lodging, and hopefully not problems with security and safety.
But we know that athletes and commentators are going to continue to highlight the issues plaguing the games, and on Tuesday, we go…

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