Saratoga Picks Aug. 11th
Back to the fast conditions as it's very warm on this Thursday. Tough day yesterday with the muddy conditions but we are back and ready for some winners! Shout out to Brian Mariano's cousin Roddy Valente winning the 7th yesterday at 12-1! Good luck today...
TVG Analyst Todd Schrupp talks Frosted and more {Paddock Pass}
After a huge weekend that saw Frosted romp in the Whitney, questions have surfaced that he is better than California Chrome. On this episode of the Paddock Pass, TVG Analyst Todd Schrupp joins the program to discuss who is leading the older horse division and will Beholder be ready for next weekends…
Saratoga Picks: Aug. 10th
Back for week 3 here at the spa! Frosted with a thrilling edition of the Whitney this past weekend but we are looking at some rain today. Brian has a 5 win lead on Mike James as we almost at the halfway point in the meet. Good luck!
Brian Mariano's picks
1: no play
2: 2-5-1
3: 8-1-2-6
4: 4-1-6-7
5: 5…
Saratoga Training Title A Neck And Neck Race
I know there's still a bunch of time left in the meet, but the summer training title is shaping up exactly how everyone thought that it would. Usual suspects Todd Pletcher and Chad Brown are in a neck and neck race for the crown at the Saratoga Racecourse...
Saratoga Picks: Aug. 5
Great day yesterday and Brian opened up a 2-win lead on Mike. Awesome Friday card to start this Whitney weekend and also Hall of Fame weekend, good luck!
Brian Mariano's picks
1: 1-4-8-6
2: 8-9-5-6
3: 3-1-8-7
4: 1-4-3
5: 7-5-6-9
6: 1-4-7-8
7: 8-4-2-1
8: 1-3-4-2
9: 9-6-1-5
10: 9-11-7-2
At The Post Live: Week 3
This week's edition of At The Post Live: Serling at Saratoga featured trainers Tom Morley and Eric Guillot, as well as horse racing journalist Joe Clancy.
Saturday is another big racing day at Saratoga as we get set for one of North America's premier races in The Whitney...
Saratoga picks 08/04/16
Great day yesterday and were back for more on this Thursday card. Grabbed an early 3-2 lead on Mike James but a long way to go! Good luck!
Brian Mariano's picks
1: no play
2: 6-1-3-4
3: 2-5-8-7
4: 8-6-3-5
5: 1-5-4-6
6: 1-6-7-8
7: 5-10-7-2
8: 8-9-2-6
9: 9-2-3-7
10: 1-6-3-5
Saratoga Selections 08/03/16
We are back after a long weekend and our own handicapper Brian Mariano has been challenged by Saratoga Native Mike James on who can pick the most winners for the rest of the meet! Who will take down the crown? We shall see, good luck!
Brian Mariano's selections (36%)
1: no picks
2: 8-5-3-1
3: 5-3-2-4
4: …
The Paddock Pass {Whitney Edition}
Its Whitney Week on the Paddock Pass! Host Brian Mariano is joined by Saratoga Native Mike James as they go over this past weekends Jim Dandy from Saratoga and Haskill Invitational at Monmouth Park. Also they will tell you who they believe will win this weekends Whitney Handicap...
Saratoga Selections 08/01/16
After a long weekend, we try and come back in the muddy conditions. Off the turf today so some long shots are possible!
1: 2-1-3-4
2: 2-3-6-1
3: 4-7-10-8
4: 1-5-3-2
5: 4-8-7-6
6: 2-4-5-3
7: 12-2-8-4
8: 3-4-6-7
9: 2-11-7-4
At The Post Live Week 2
This week edition of At The Post Live: Serling at Saratoga featured owner Frank Generazio, trainer Kiaran McLaughlin, and James Toner.
Belmont Stakes winner Creator gets set to run at Saratoga this weekend in the Jim Dandy, can he grab another win and will we see him in the Travers later in the racin…
Saratoga Selections 7/28/16
Not a bad day yesterday with 2 wins and 2 seconds but we bounce back today with the feature the John Morrissey!
1: 5-1-4-7
2: 6-4-7-9
3: 2-3-1-8
4: 4-6-7-5
5: 2-9-6-3
6: 9-6-1-3
7: 2-5-1-3
8: 11-10-2-4
9: 2-5-1-9
10: 10-1-6-8
Best bet: Race 6 (9) king of spades
Meet stats: 22-48 (46%)
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