The Cleveland Cavaliers did something tonight that they haven’t done since two weeks before Christmas.

Well, it’s over.  The Cavaliers have avoided setting the longest losing streak in the history of the four major US sports.  With a 126-119 victory in OT against the Clippers tonight, the lowly Cavs have managed to merely tie the record for futility.  That record of a 26 game losing streak is now shared by 3 teams: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Louisville Colonels, a 19th Century baseball squad and the 2011 Cavs.

After Wednesday’s loss, which brought the Cav’s streak to 26 games, head coach Byron Scott finally snapped:

"I'm mad as hell.  I can deal with losing, especially when our guys play as hard as they have in the last couple weeks, but I find it very hard to deal with when guys don't come out ready to play."

After 55 consecutive days without a victory, the Cavaliers have avoided a match-up of futility that was scheduled for Sunday.  The Washington Wizards are 0-25 on the road this season, and are scheduled for a game in Cleveland that was pitted as the “something’s got to give” matchup of two of the worst two teams in basketball.  LeBron James was nice enough to chime in about the possibility of the matchup, earlier in the week.  James said:

"I think that should be a nationally televised game, honestly."

Now the poetic ending would be for the Cavaliers to lose Sunday, snapping the Wizards road losing streak, and starting a whole new streak of winless days for the Cavaliers.