According to reports it's sounding like CC Sabathia is likely to opt out of his contract and play hardball with teams that are interested in him.  His agent is saying that they will try and keep him pinstripes.

The Yankees are most likely going to give CC Sabathia a nice raise even if he does opt out of his contract.  It's no surprise that his agent would be saying that they'll do everything they can to keep him a Yankees, while in the meantime shopping around.

The Texas Rangers have expressed interest in the pitcher, and you can bet that they aren't the only ones waiting to see what he is going to do.  CC has until 3 days after the World Series to opt out of his current deal.

According to ESPN New York's Andrew Marchand, CC has been the most sincere person in the Yankee clubhouse since joining the team so he would take the threat that he is shopping around seriously.  As of today, no deal has been talked about yet,