It was quite the battle in Boston as the Knicks met up with the Celtics, but the Celtics weren't about to give up a win to 'Linsanity' on their home court.

The Knicks looked to be getting the best of the Celtics after leading them in the first two quarters, but Boston came out on fire after the half to outscore the Knicks 29-16 in the third.  It was a back and forth, fourth quarter and the Knicks looked like they may be going away with a big road win.  Paul Pierce would see that otherwise and hit a clutch three pointer with six seconds left in regulation, tying the game at 103-103.

In overtime the Knicks just seemed to be out of gas.  The Celtics were able to hang in there and take a 115-111 win.  Rajon Rondo was a big part of that win with yet another triple double.  Rondo knocked down 18 points, 20 assists and 17 rebounds.  Paul Pierce would add 34 points for Boston.

On the Knicks side, Jeremy Lin would put up 14 points but had six turnovers.  Baron Davis would also have six turnovers, and the Knicks totaled 22 all together, a problem they have yet to fix.  Carmelo Anthony had 25 points, despite not scoring any in the third.