After being rebuffed by David Stern and the NBA about trading players and a coach in the same deal, the Boston Celtics and the LA Clippers finally made the deal that brings Rivers to the Clippers and a 1st round pick to the Celtics.

After much negotiations, and discussions breaking down then starting up again the deal is finally set but the questions should be asked. Or at least 1 main question I have. Did Rivers bail on the Celts just when it appears they will be doing some rebuilding?

The deal is set. Rivers goes to Los Angeles and gives the Celtics their 1st round pick in 2015, regardless of where that pick lands. It is unprotected as far as top 10 or whatever.

The deal is pending league approval. Originally the Celts and Clips were working on a deal that would send Rivers and Kevin Garnett to the Clippers for D'eAndre Jordan and some other pieces. Stern put the kabosh on that deal. The Clippers may still wind up with Garnett and Paul Pierce.

The question now, and as usual both sides are using their minions to put out information is why did Doc Rivers want out of Boston?

Rumors of a bad relationship with point guard Rajon Rondo. Rumors that Doc didn't want to hang around for a rebuilding job. Another rumor has the Celts wanting to deal Rivers and get out of his contract which called for him to haul in 21 million over the next 3 years. Rivers reportedly got the same deal from the Clippers.

The deal, so the Clips believe, will help them hold onto point guard Chris Paul. Paul is a free agent and many believe he was behind the firing of former Cips coach Vinny Del Negro. The Clippers did talk to a pair of former coaches about taking over. Byron Scott was thought to be the front runner for the job after being dumped in Cleveland. Brian Shaw also interviewed their twice.