Philadelphia Eagles running back and Albany Academy graduate Dion Lewis has been vindicated. Today, charges were dropped against Lewis and his brother after surveillance video of their alleged crime was reviewed.

Lewis was accused of pulling a fire alarm at the Hampton Inn in Albany a few weeks ago, after he and his brother weren’t allowed access back into the building where they had rented a room. Lewis’ camp has stressed that the felony charge of falsely reporting a fire, as well as the misdemeanor reckless endangerment charge were grossly overblown and that security tapes would exonerate him. Well, the tape has been released, and after watching it, there seem to be much more questions to ask about the police's action than about Lewis'.

Check out the video and audio below, and form your own opinion. Personally, I'm hesitant to brand the police or this hotel clerk as racially prejudiced, however when you watch and listen it is difficult not to jump to that conclusion. The clerk seems overly concerned about two men trying to get in to a hotel in which they had reservations, and the policemen's force is inarguably excessive. District Attorney David Soares seemed to try and defer blame away from the police, claiming that their aggressive assault (pepper spraying the brothers without cause and dragging them out of the hotel) was a result of the 911 call's urgent tone. A police spokesman says that the incident is "being reviewed."

According to reports, Lewis will report to Eagles training camp on Wednesday.