There are some things in life that should never occur.  Charles Barkley wearing a Speedo is definitely one of them.

Charles Barkley made an interesting bet with Miami columnist and sports talk radio host Dan Le Batard.   If the Dallas Mavericks win the NBA Finals, Le Batard will have to rock out a Speedo bathing suit.  If the Miami Heat win an NBA championship this year, Sir Charles will have to wear a Speedo on South Beach while being interviewed by Le Batard on his radio show.

This bet is hilarious.  I'm confused by how this bet was even proposed though.  Hopefully, a listener came up with this idea, because neither Charles Barkley nor Dan Le Batard should have the word "Speedo" in their vocabulary.  Just sayin.  Nonetheless, this is still hilarious.  The loser will wear a Speedo next month.  Pictures will be taken.  Don't act like you won't take a peak.  It'll be like a car crash.  You'll have to look at the calamity.