Even Ricky Vaughn aka "Wild Thing" used steroids? What's this world coming to?

Charlie Sheen has recently admitted in a Sports Illustrated article that he used steroids for the movie "Major League."  Sheen played the character Ricky Vaughn, who was commonly known as Wild Thing. 

There are so many horrible opinions regarding steroids.  Anybody who suggests that steroids didn't help baseball players become better needs to have their head examined. 

Another argument that is awful is when people compare athletes to actors.  They'll say things like, "Why isn't there any backlash when actors admit to using steroids?"  I simply want to yell, "Because actors aren't involved in an athletic competition!" 

I don't know which is more annoying, the negative impact steroids has had on sports, or the obnoxious conversations that have taken place regarding steroid use by athletes.  It's a close one.