The Chicago White Sox have decided to name another former player their new manager, and this time it's Robin Ventura.  He will be replacing Ozzie Guillen who is now the manager of the Florida Marlins.

Robin Ventura spent 10 years in Chicago as a player for the White Sox.  Now he is making his return as the teams manager.  The White Sox made the announcement yesterday that they would be naming Ventura the skipper.  He will be replacing Ozzie Guillen.

Ventura agreed to a multiyear deal with the White Sox after working with the team last year as a special adviser to director of player development, Buddy Bell.   The news was a surprise around the baseball world and to Ventura as well.

There was a lot of apprehension when I first went home to talk to my wife about it. It turned us upside down. I have a good thing going and it was easy getting back into the game doing what I was doing. I had the freedom to coach and come back home. I think there was a lot of comfort in talking to the family that this was the White Sox, which for us is an extended family.

-Robin Ventura

Ventura played in the bigs for 16 years with the White Sox, Mets, Yankees and Dodgers.  Sources say that his style of managing will be drastically different from that of Ozzie Guillen.  The only thing they have in common is that they played for the team at the same time between 1989-1997.  He said that he is familiar with last seasons situation and said that once spring training gets started, the past is the past.