Some Major League Baseball contract are crazy, but few more then this.

Chien-Ming Wang who had his best ground ball forcing years of his career with the New York Yankees. Then he was injured in an inter league game against the Houston Astros on June 15th, 2008. The Injury to his foot canned his season and 2009 wasn’t any better, his style was gone, his control was gone and he was plagued by injuries again. After that season the Yankees let him go, and he signed with the Washington Nationals.

Wangs time with the Nationals in 2010 was best described as “Crouching Tiger hidden Wang” because he never made an appearance.  The Nationals put him on the self cause lets face it by September he Nationals were out of it. Now they have signed him to another 1 year deal worth up to 4 million bucks.

The key is that it’s up to 4 million bucks. It is loaded with MVP and World Series incentives. The one that jumps out at me is he would get 50 thousand bucks if he is the National Leagues Silver Slugger. Are they expecting a guy who has 15 at bats in his career that have resulted in 14 outs and one walk (the game he was injured) to be the best batting pitcher in the game?  Come on this is a joke of an incentive; it’s like giving Derek Jeter a million bucks if he wins the Cy Young award, or A-Rod win the 2011 rookie of the year.

AT some point athletes need to have their contracts looked at by some one who knows what they are doing. I mean Chien-Ming Wang would need to have a hall of fame season to get the full amount of his contract. I wonder what else is in his deal, 15,000 bucks for eating an entire 6 foot party sub in under and hour. Good look WANG, you’re going to need it.