Early this morning Chris Johnson flew to Tennessee to talk turkey with Titians brass about a new deal. Will it work? What Will the Deal Be?  And how will it affect his draft order in your Fantasy League?

This is just preliminary meeting, it has already come out that very little in any progress was made by the parties involved.  This is to be expected. It goes to the same principles that lead to the length of the lock out. There is no urgency for either side so know will make a move to give up any power in the contract talks. Look for these talks to go for the rest of the preseason.

The deal Chris Johnson is looking for is a big time deal. He wants to be paid amongst the games top quarterbacks as a playmaker not just a running back. The Titians have said that they would be interested in paying Johnson as a top running back money but Chris Johnson feels he should be at the very top of the pyramid in the NFL. My guess some were in the Middle.

Finally If you don’t take Chris Johnson with the first or second pick in your draft you are a pile of worthless slime.  The miss conception is the Chris Johnson will actually miss time with this hold out, which won’t be the case.  Even if he misses one game he still be one of the highest point scorers this fantasy season. Don’t be a fool grab this tool when ever you can.