Some deja vu for Chris Paul today.  Just as soon as he was packing his bags and heading to Los Angeles another trade to the city of angels falls short. 

Just days after Chris Paul's world was rocked when his trade to the Lakers was denied by the NBA, another trade for Paul has gone south.  ESPN reports that the LA Clippers have pulled out of the CP3 trade citing that the leagues asking price for the all-star was just to high.

Apparently the Clippers didn't like what New Orleans wanted from them and called the demands "too steep".  A source says that the Clippers might not be completely done though, they may just be playing some hard ball and figuring out a way to restructure things.

Perhaps that opens up the door for other teams to jump on the Paul talks.  Around NY the Knicks would love to bring in a player like CP3 to play with the likes of Amare Stoudemire and Carmello Anthony, but chances are the Hornets would want to claim one of them in the trade.