While driving in this morning I happened across Amy Grant's Grown-Up Christmas List, and found my mind wandering into an imaginary reality wherein I could pen a letter to or serenade with a hit song some all-seeing bearded fellow and have him take care of what troubles me.

Not surprisingly, after a day spent watching Red Zone, the Giants, the Jets and the Rangers, and en route to my job as a producer for a sports talk radio show, most of what came to mind had to do with the world of sports.  Here's what I came up with off the top of my head.

  • An Extension for Tom Coughlin: Anyone want to talk to me about the Giants quitting, now?  After an overtime win in Detroit?  Is it too late to save the season?  Certainly, but let us never forget that a list of active coaches with two Super Bowl rings is incredibly short, and that's a resume you don't just throw away.  Also, be careful what you wish for, Coughlin haters.  What would the Cowboys do if their forthcoming coaching vacancy was filled by a recently fired Tom Coughlin?  Win the Super Bowl?  Yes.
  • An Extension for Rex Ryan: Let's just be honest, an overachieving Jets team is a 3-game winner.  Rex Ryan has this team on the precipice of going .500.  How can you possibly fire him after that?  Plus, I'm in sports talk radio, and Rex's bloviations are good for business.
  • Another Year for Geno: Let's just be honest, with this supporting cast, an overachieving Jets team is a 3-game winner.  How can you possibly spend another high draft pick on a QB with that many holes to fill?  If you're competent, you can't. Geno has shown flashes of real legitimacy, and continues to display a poise and unwavering confidence people love in NYC's other guy QB.  He's done enough to get the time he needs to develop while the front office rebuilds the wasteland around him...Unless Jay Cutler wants the gig.
  • Masahiro Tanaka: I don't want to see the dawning of the David Phelps era. 24-0, 1.27 ERA last year in Japan.  I say we invade if Rakuten won't post him.
  • Health for the Rangers: Staal's been hurt, Callahan's been hurt, Nash was hurt early, and as such, the Blueshirts have been dismal.  If they could just get healthy, they could be really, really mediocre.
  • An End to the NHL's Blackout Madness: I'm one of a dozen people in this world craving the NHL's product and they won't give it to me. I beg you, Bettman, stop this madness.  Does anyone in Buffalo cares about the Sabres?  Why the hell are you pushing them on me?  Just give me my Rangers.
  • Another Romo Interception in Crunch Time: No eggnog tastes as sweet as eggnog spiced with Romo tears.
  • Broncos Super Bowl Win: As I said on NoTicketSports.com when the Giants were officially eliminated, the Broncos are my team for the rest of the year. Go do it, Peyton. Give Wes Welker what Brady never could.

I'm sure there's more - maybe like that whole world peace and end of all human strife stuff Amy Grant talked about - but those are what leapt to mind first. What leaps to yours?